Student Reps

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Ana Grace Rans Kolakovic
Coordinator of Student Reps
Ana Grace Rans Kolakovic is currently completing the International Baccalaureate program. During her time as a student representative at the Vancouver District Student Council, she learned about student trustees and the power of accurate student representation. Since then, Ana Grace has had a passion for student issues and the importance of accurate student representation. After creating the Student Reps campaign during the Summit program with Dogwood, she joined the British Columbia Youth Council (BCYC). She loves working with other passionate and hard-working youth. You can always find Ana Grace reading a good book and listening to GD.

What is the Student Reps B.C. campaign? Student Reps B.C. is a campaign that aims to have accurate student representation in every British Columbian school district. We aim to reach our goal by talking with politicians, such as MLAs, school board trustees, and district staff. We want to talk about the importance of student trustees and the issue of student representation in British Columbia.

What are student trustees? Student trustees are elected officials that actively advocate for student's voice. Student trustees are elected by the students within the school board to ensure proper communication of student issues and opinions. They are active participants in board meetings and may offer suggestions or motions (dependent on school board).