Our Executives

Eva Yueng

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Eva is the Co-Chief Executive officer of the BC Youth council. She is a grade 12 action-oriented student who wants to help uplift others and working towards better youth representation. She looks forward to seeing how this platform grows and be able to make a difference in others’ lives and work with an amazing group of like-minded youth. She has experience from being a part of various other youth committees, councils and Youth-led NPOS. Eva enjoys volunteering her time with kids’ programs and trying new bubble tea places.

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Sophia Nguyen

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Sophia serves as the current Co-Chief Executive Officer and joined the BC Youth to build youth empowerment and advocate for the youth in British Columbia. Sophia is also an accomplished swimmer competing at numerous provincial championships; in her free time, Sophia enjoys spending time with friends and baking.

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Navtaj Hundal

Chief Technology Officer

Navtaj is an ambitious grade 12 student who is very passionate about helping his community by volunteering with different non-profit organizations. In his free time, Navtaj loves volunteering with various organizations outside of school, reading, playing soccer, and participating in math contests.

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Arun Ghag

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Arun is a grade 12 IB student at Port Moody Secondary and joined BCYC to make an impact at a provincial-wide level. He loves all things leadership and aims to make a difference in whatever way he can. Arun is interested in equity + diversity, advocating for other youth, business, and the social sciences. In his free time, he loves hanging out with his friends, listening to music, and exploring new places!

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Prabhleen Sandhu

Chief Human Resources Officer

Prabhleen is currently a student in her second year of university, pursuing a BSc at UBC. She joined BCYC in January 2021 as the Training and Development Manager to help expand BCYC and its campaigns, and also train members with essential skills for succeeding inside and outside of BCYC. She is very excited to be taking on this new role as Chief Human Resources Officer. She is also involved in various other organizations that promote the health and well-being of the community and enjoys spending her time as a member of other leadership councils as well. Some of her other passions include dance, music, painting, and calligraphy. As a BCYC executive, she hopes to employ her skills in contributing to the efforts youth are making to create positive change in BC.

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Prabhpreet Gill

Chief Operations Officer

Prabhpreet Gill joined the BC Youth Council as the Chief Operations Officer to dive into his passion of accounting and financial literacy. As a COO, he takes care of all BCYC funds and administers them into necessary capitals while reaching out and applying for grants. He is currently involved in his schools Ethics Team, Leadership team, Concert Band, and Yearbook club. When he isn't at school, you can find him traveling, swimming or spending quality time with friends.

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Selina Park

Chief Administration Officer

Selina joined BCYC to connect with her community by sharing thoughts with like-minded youth. She is currently a grade 10 student. Selina enjoys volunteering with many other organizations, binge-watching Netflix, and reading.

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