Our Executives

Bodhi Mah

Chief Executive Officer

Bodhi is very excited to serve as the Chief Executive Officer for the BCYC. Bodhi grew up in the Greater Vancouver area and is currently enrolled in his high school's French immersion program. Outside of school, Bodhi pursues his love of aviation by being a part of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program. Bodhi is passionate about politics, music, and science. In his spare time, Bodhi enjoys playing piano, volunteering with his local politicians, and participating in Model UN.

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Navtaj Hundal

Chief Technology Officer

Navtaj is an ambitious grade 11 student who is very passionate about helping his community by volunteering with different non-profit organizations. In his free time, Navtaj loves volunteering with various organizations outside of school, reading, playing soccer, and participating in math contests.

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Alia Xu

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer - Deputy: Sophia Nguyen

Alia joined BCYC to help develop a platform where youth across BC can advocate for issues that they are passionate about. She is currently a junior in the IB diploma program and is interested in business and social sciences. Alia enjoys binge-watching Netflix shows, scouting out cute cafes, curating Spotify playlists, and working at various youth-led NPOS.

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Giya Gill

Chief Human Resources Officer - Deputy: Eva Yueng

My name is Giya and I currently reside in Canada and I'm an individual who enjoys problem solving, troubleshooting issues, and finding solutions in as short a time as possible. I also take pleasure in community service, as I love to give back to others who are less unfortunate and even helping around in general it's part of my nature and who I am. Like I said, community service is what I love doing. It also helped me develop soft skills such as leadership, critical thinking, and problem solving. I possess proven skills in all those categories that will help BCYC in meeting it's milestones.

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Prabhpreet Gill

Chief Operations Officer - Deputy: Harry Zhu

Prabhpreet Gill joined the BC Youth Council as the Chief Operations Officer to dive into his passion of accounting and financial literacy. As a COO, he takes care of all BCYC funds and administers them into necessary capitals while reaching out and applying for grants. He is currently involved in his schools Ethics Team, Leadership team, Concert Band, and Yearbook club. When he isn't at school, you can find him traveling, swimming or spending quality time with friends.

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Renee Gujral

Chief Campaigns Officer

I’m Renée and I’m the new Chief Campaigns Officer (CCO). I’ve been a part of the BC Youth Council for a while now, and it’s amazing to see the impact this organization can have on the community around it and I'm excited to be a part of creating that change!

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Selina Park

Chief Administration Officer

Selina is the Chief Administration Officer. She recently joined BCYC to be a part of the youth’s voice in BC. She lives in Chilliwack and is currently in grade 9. She is involved in Youth Parliaments, which she is passionate about.

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